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"Non sono i Terremoti ad uccidere, ma le Strutture che crollano."  (Saggio cinese

"Earthquakes do not kill, but the Collapsing Structures" (Chinese Dictum)


"Quanta Conoscenza abbiamo perso nell'Informazione?  

         Quanta Saggezza abbiamo perso nella Conoscenza?" 

"How much Knowledge we have lost in Information?  

        How much Wisdom we have lost in Knowledge?"(T.S.Eliot)


"The Bureaucratic Mentality is the only Constant in the Universe" (Capt. Jim Kirk - USS Enterprise - Star Trek)


"Se volete sapere qualcosa sul Papa, non chiedete in Vaticano"

"If you want to know something about the Pope, don't ask in the Vatican(Rick Balbusso)


"La più efficace e la più economica lotta contro la corruzione è la trasparenza verso i Cittadini." 

"The most effective and cheapest fight against corruption is the transparency toward the Citiziens"


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 Il Gallo Cantò Ancora - Karlheinz Deschner

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Howard Bloom: Obama is Liar, Coward & Capitulator


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