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"Non sono i Terremoti ad uccidere, ma le Strutture che crollano."  (Saggio cinese

"Earthquakes do not kill, but the Collapsing Structures" (Chinese Dictum)


"Quanta Conoscenza abbiamo perso nell'Informazione?  

         Quanta Saggezza abbiamo perso nella Conoscenza?" 

"How much Knowledge we have lost in Information?  

        How much Wisdom we have lost in Knowledge?"(T.S.Eliot)


"The Bureaucratic Mentality is the only Constant in the Universe" (Capt. Jim Kirk - USS Enterprise - Star Trek)


"Se volete sapere qualcosa sul Papa, non chiedete in Vaticano"

"If you want to know something about the Pope, don't ask in the Vatican(Rick Balbusso)


"La più efficace e la più economica lotta contro la corruzione è la trasparenza verso i Cittadini." 

"The most effective and cheapest fight against corruption is the transparency toward the Citiziens"


The Fusion Torch


When the NEXRADAR will be deployed in Italy?

ARPA Liguria: Radar-Dopler o Disegno?

e le coordinate? Patate, Fagioli, millimetri di pioggia? Mah!


Interview of Marie Le Pen by Sophie Schevardnadze, RT News Journalist


Sopho "Sophie" Shevardnadze (Georgianსოფო შევარდნაძეRussianСофико Паатовна Шеварднадзе) (born Sophiko Shevardnadze,[1] September 23, 1978)[2] is a correspondent for RT. She is the granddaughter of former Georgian President and Soviet minister of foreign affairs Eduard Shevardnadze, and was known to join him on some high-level meetings between the Soviets and the Americans when she was in her teens.[3][4] She was born in theGeorgian SSRSoviet Union but the family moved to France when she was 10. She learnt ballet and piano and got a diploma from the Conservatoire de Paris.

Later she graduated with a cinema degree from Boston University 2001 and studied in the masters program in TV journalism at New York University. After graduation 2005, she worked as a producer for ABC-TV, before returning to work in Georgia.[5] After hearing about the upcoming launch of RT, she moved to Moscow and has been a presenter with the network since the launch.[6]

She is fluent in GeorgianRussianEnglishFrench and Italian.[7] [WOW! - Italian so-called-journalists of RAI, Mediaset, etc. etc: please take note!] She was also a dancer on the Russian version of Dancing with the Stars 2010.[8][9]

Also known as a socialite, she often attends high-fashion events in Europe and Russia.[10][11][12]

[source: Wikipedia]

The Official Voice of Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)


Press TV (stylised PRESSTV) is a 24-hour English language news organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).[1] The IRIB is state-owned but independent of the Iranian government in its management, and its head is appointed directly by the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The IRIB is the only legal TV and radio broadcaster inside Iran, and is close to Iran's conservative political faction.[2] Press TV broadcasts in English on a round-the-clock schedule. PressTV headquarters are located in Tehran, Iran[source: Wikipedia]


[The Opinions, News, Facts and VideoClips expressed and shown by this PressTV are shown for opinions plurality only and are not neccessarly shared by the Editor of this website.]


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